Simon Gray on… Simon Gray (and other things)

A selection from Simon Gray’s diaries
Being Filmed
I’m currently -€“ even as I write this -€“ being filmed. There’s a camera on me, being held and pointed by a tall, pleasant, smiling young man called Patrick. Crouched beside him Margy, the director, holds a metal box with a screen in it which shows her what […]

An Interview with Stephen Hollis

Stephen Hollis spoke to Anthony Wilks about his career and experience working with Simon Gray in December 2012
AW: How did you first got interested in the theatre – how did it all start for you?
SH: I never went to the theatre as a kid. My parents never went to the theatre, really, apart from […]

An Interview with Kenith Trodd

An interview with Kenith Trodd
The television and film producer talks to Colin MacCabe about his career and collaborations with Simon Gray
July 2011
Colin MacCabe: How did you first get into the BBC, what were your original interests in drama?
Kenith Trodd: I got into the BBC classically, by the back door. Which, scandalously, people say […]