McWithers, Cloon and Lame are board members of Healman and Co. When they need to hire a new doctor to work at their large and dangerous factory, Dr Caramel seems to be just the man. But all is not what it seems with Dr Caramel. He has an unhealthy preoccupation with hot baths, westerns and sensational novels, and once he’s safely installed in the company flat he refuses to come out and get on with his new job. As the truth about Caramel unfurls, McWithers, Cloon and Lame become increasingly fearful of how the company chairman, Sir Roy, will react when he discovers their terrible mistake.

The Caramel Crisis was first buy xanax bars online broadcast by the BBC on 25 April 1966.

The cast was as follows:

CARAMEL – George Cole
CLOON – Richard Pearson
LAME – John Le Mesurier
MCWITHERS – Bryan Pringle
SIR ROY – Kynaston Reeves
MRS CLOON – Barbara Miller
MRS LAME – Rosamund Greenwood
MRS PORTLY – Winifred Dennis

Director: Naomi Capon
Producer: Harry Moore
Script Editor: Kenith Trodd
Music: Norman Kay


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The Caramel Crisis is published in the following editions:

The Definitive Simon Gray Volume I (Faber and Faber 1992 ISBN 0-571-16223-1)