How much can go wrong in a day? How much can go wrong in a life? In this chronicle of the fortunes and misfortunes which beset the original production of The Late Middle Classes during its preparations for a West End run, the author of the acclaimed The Smoking xanax online best price Diaries Trilogy meets with both triumph and disaster and treats those two impostors just the same – which is to say with the mixture of wit, anger, vexation and candour that has made Simon Gray one of Britain’s greatest writers of comedy – including the comedy that lurks in tragedy.

Watch John Standing, Kevin McNally, and Peter Bowles reading from Enter a Fox.


‘The second funniest book I have read this year is The Smoking Diaries by Simon Gray. (For the record, the funniest is Enter a Fox by the same author.’ – Will Buckley, Guardian

‘Take the [memoir] form away from juvenile American solipsists and give it back to a wily old English fox with some interests in life, and see how enchanting it instantly becomes.’ – Philip Hensher, Spectator

‘You are unlikely to come across a funnier, cleverer, more painful book this year [than Simon Gray’s The Smoking Diaries], unless you can get hold of a copy of his previous book, Enter a Fox.’ – Robert Hanks, Daily Telegraph.


Enter a Fox is Simon Gray’s fourth diary and is available in the following editions:

Enter a Fox (Faber and Faber in 2001 ISBN 0-571-20940-8)

Enter a Fox (Granta Books 2005 ISBN 1-86207-745-2)