The American premiere of Butley was presented on 31st October 1972, at the Morosco Theatre by Lester Osterman Productions, in association with Michael Codron. The cast was as follows:

BEN BUTLEY – Alan Bates
JOSEPH KEYSTON – Hayward Morse
MISS HEASMAN – Geraldine Sherman
EDNA SHAFT – Barbara Lester
ANNE BUTLEY – Holland Taylor
REG NUTTALL – Roger Newman
MR GARDNER – Christopher Hastings

Director: James Hammerstein
Designer: Eileen Diss
Lighting and Costume Designer: Neil Peter Jampolis

Butley was performed at the Theatre des Celestins in Lyon on 15th November, 1973, then moved to the Theatre Gaite-Montparnasse in Paris on 23rd November 1973

BEN BUTLEY – Bernard Fresson
JOEY KEYSTON – Gerard Lartigau
EDNA SHAFT – Liliane Gaudet
ANNE BUTLEY – Nelly Vignon
REG NUTTAL – Dominique Briand
GARDNER – Daniel Delpart
UNE VOIX – Loic Devaux

Butley was performed at the Arts Theatre in Cambridge from 30th April to 5th May 1984 with the following cast:

BEN BUTLEY – John Nettles
MISS xanax online price HEASMAN – Annette Lyons
EDNA SHAFT – Daphne Goddard
ANNE BUTLEY – Liz Edmiston
REG NUTTALL – Eric Carte
MR GARDNER – John Patrick-Deery

DIRECTOR: Phillip Grout

The production subsequently transferred to the Fortune Theatre in London.

Butley was performed at the Pécsi Nemzeti Színház from 8th October 1999

BEN BUTLEY – Galffi Laszlo
JOSEPH KEYSTON – Szell Horvath Lajos
REG NUTTALL – Razga Miklos
EDNA SHAFT – Solyom Katalin
ANNE BUTLEY – Nagy Adrienne
MR GARDNER – Szabo Attila, Koles Ferenc
DIAK – Steiner Zsolt

Translated by Vajda Miklos
Directed by Marton Andras

Butley was presented at the Booth Theatre, New York City, between October 25th, 2006 and 14th January 2007. (The production premiered at the Huntington Theatre, Boston.) The cast was as follows:

BEN BUTLEY – Nathan Lane
JOSEPH KEYSTON – Julian Ovenden
MISS HEASMAN – Jessica Stone
EDNA SHAFT – Dana Ivey

ANN BUTLEY – Pamela J. Gray
REG NUTTALL – Darren Pettie
MR GARDNER – Roderick Hill

Director: Nicholas Martin

Designer: Alexander Dodge
Costumes: Ann Roth
Lighting: David Weiner