‘I’ve got a sociologist called Nuzek coming in this afternoon with his latest book. On Protestantism and Pornography.’ – Peter

Faced with such a prospect, Peter, the protagonist of this play, finds the idea of sitting at his desk in a publishing house considerably less attractive than attempting to seduce a free-lance cover designer while his wife is out teaching English to foreigners and shopping at Sainsbury’s. Dog Days is about the sad and hilarious consequences of Peter’s disenchantment with his job, his wife, his public school master brother and himself.

The play is a companion piece to the enormously successful Otherwise Engaged and has the same remarkable blend of wit and pathos, humour and despair.

Dog Days was first presented at the Oxford Playhouse on 26th October 1976.

The cast was as follows:

PETER – Charles Kay
HILARY – Gayle alprazolam online no prescription Hunnicutt
CHARLES – Richard Wilson
Three girls called JOANNA – Emma Williams

Director: Gordon McDougall
Designer: Saul Radomsky
Lighting: David Colmer

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Dog Days was published in the November 1975 edition of The New Review edited by Ian Hamilton


Dog Days was published as a Faber Contemporary Classic in Simon Gray: Plays 2 on July 7th 2010. To order a copy on special offer at 25% discount please contact Faber using code GRAYPLAYS. Or check out the plays section of our bookshop.

Dog Days is also published in the following editions:

The Definitive Simon Gray Volume II (Faber and Faber 1992 ISBN 0-571-16240-1)

Dog Days (Eyre Methuen 1976)


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