An adaptation of Moliere’s classic, Tartuffe was first performed at The Kennedy Center, Washington DC, in May 1982. The cast was as follows:

ORGON – Barnard HughesTARTUFFE – Brian Bedford
ELMIRE, Orgon’s wife – Carole Shelley
CLEANTE, her brother – Fritz Weaver
MARIANE, Orgon’s daughter – Christine Andreas
MME PERNELLE, his mother – Margaret Barker
DAMIS, his son – Boyd Gaines
DORINE, THE MAID – Barbara Bryne
PHILPOTE, Mme Pernelle’s servant – Marlene Bryan
VALERE, Mariane’s suitor – Jeff Hayenga

Directed by Brian Bedford


“[This] version of Tartuffe…was commissioned by the Kennedy Center, Washington, and performed in May 1982. My impertinent intention in undertaking it was to find, if such a thing were there to be found, a completely English play that could pass under the original title, set in the original social and historical context. The Englishness of it was therefore a matter of the psychology and, of course, the expression. The first entailed the transformation of some of the characters in order buy cheap xanax no prescription that I, at least, should understand why they behave as they do. The second, which followed from the first, entailed that the characters should speak in a language that expressed the needs and fears of their natures as I understood them…

But really I make no apology for having a go—or making a stab—at Tartuffe. However much I might damage my own reputation, I’m unlikely to damage Moliere’s.”

Most recently published in Simon Gray: Plays 3, Faber and faber, 2010


Tartuffe is now available as a Faber Contemporary Classic in Simon Gray: Plays 3. To order a copy on special offer at 25% discount (using code GRAYPLAYS) please contact Faber.

Tartuffe is also published in the following editions:

The Definitive Simon Gray III (Faber 1993 ISBN 0-571-16453-6)

The Holy Terror & Tartuffe (Faber 1990)


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