A Month in the Country is based on the novel by J L Carr. A World War I veteran, Tom Birkin, is employed to uncover a medieval mural in a country church which is believed to lie beneath layers of whitewash. At the same time, another veteran and archeologist, James Moon, is searching the graveyard on behalf of the church’s patroness for an ancestor who fought in the Crusades. The story follows their relationships with each other and the local villagers who show an interest in them.

“This spare, near-perfect film—beautifully crafted and almost painfully moving—is an example of British film-making at its best”, Evan Williams, The Weekend Australian, April 23 1988 Read more

“O’Connor directs Simon Gray’s script with great sensitivity… All the performances are accomplished, and
that of Firth is brilliant.” Time Out

“Pat O’Connor’s superb second feature A Month in the Country is a gem of a film, its miniaturist beauties a fine tribute to the best of the British renaissance.” What’s On Read more

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A Month in the Country was first shown at the Warner West End Cinema in November 1987. It was a Pennies From Heaven Production. The cast was as follows:

TOM BIRKIN – Colin Firth
JAMES MOON – Kenneth Branagh
REVEREND KEACH – Patrick Malahide
ALICE KEACH – Natasha Richardson
KATHY ELLERBECK – Vicki Arundale
MRS ELLERBECK – Eileen O’Brien
COLONEL HEBRON – Richard Vernon
MOSSOP – Tim Barker
DOUTHWAITE – Tony Haygarth
LUCY SYKES – Elizabeth Anson
MRS. SYKES – Barbara Marten
MR. SYKES – Kenneth Kitson
OLD MAN ON TRAIN – John Atkinsons

Director: Pat O’Connor
Producer: Kenith Trodd
Original Music: Howard Blake
Cinematographer: Kenneth MacMillan

A Month in the Country website

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