PARIS, 1976

Otherwise Engaged was performed at Le Théatre du Gymnase Marie Bell in Paris as ‘Simon le Bienheureux’ in 1976 with the following cast:

SIMON HENCH – Pierre Mondy
DAVE – Sylvain Rougerie
STEPHEN – William Sabatier
JEF – Jacques Gripel
DAVINA – Marie-Christine Adam
WOOD – Paul Crauchet
BETTY – Anouk Ferjac

Translated by Matthieu Galey
Directed by Michel Fagadu

PERTH, 1983

Otherwise Engaged was performed at the Regal Theatre in Perth from 20th April 1983

SIMON HENCH – Martin Shaw
BETH – Denise Young
STEPHEN HENCH – Bernie Davis
DAVE – Martin Meader
JEFF GOLDING – Geoff Gibbs
WOOD – Leslie Wright

Directed by Leslie Wright

“Simon Gray’s script is a compact packet of wit, cynicism, empathy and distancing from the mundane, with lines that sting like a whiplash, problems that are human and characters that shout out loudly that they are borrowed from real life.”

Peter Kemeny, The West Australian, April 20th, 1983


Otherwise Engaged opened at the Gene Dynarski Theatre in Los Angeles on September 21st 1983

SIMON HENCH – Granville van Dusen
DAVE – Thomas Harrison
STEPHEN HENCH – Stephen Johnson
JEFF GOLDING – Alan Feinstein
WOOD – Bert Hinchman
BETH – Marianne McAndrew

Directed by Dennis Erdman
Design by Robert W. Zentis
Produced by Rochard buying xanax Ross and Heidi Dominik Tait

Presented by The Montecito Company/David Knapp in association with Wilson Tait

“Otherwise Engaged is one of those rare comedies that should be seen and reseen for the pleasure of swooping on some unturned nuance every time” Laura Hitchcock, The Holywood Reporter, September 30th 1983.


Otherwise Engaged was produced by the Hong Kong Theatre Club at the Shouson Theatre, Hong Kong, in October 1986

SIMON HENCH – Robert Hanna
DAVE – Philip Acton
STEPHEN HENCH – Brian Tucker
Jeff – David Beaves
DAVINA – Georgina Walkey
WOOD – Colin Crisswell
BETH – Tricia Taylor

Directed and Produced by June Hanna
Design by Robert Hanna

Otherwise Engaged was produced at the Richmond Theatre in 1992 with the following cast:

SIMON HENCH – Peter Bowles
DAVE – Steve Nicolson
JEFF – Richard O’Callaghan
DAVINA – Mairead Carty
WOOD – Tim Preece
BETH – Carole Nimmons

Directed by Peter Bowles
Set design by Poppy Mitchell


In October 2005, Otherwise Engaged was produced at the Criterion Theatre, London, with the following cast:

SIMON – Richard E. Grant
STEPHEN – Peter Wight
JEFF – Anthony Head
DAVINA – Amanda Ryan
WOOD – David Bamber
BETH – Amanda Drew

Directed by Simon Curtis

Presented by Mark Rubinstein, Sonia Friedman Productions, Lee Menzies and TEG Productions