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Congratulations to Chris Thompson, recipient of the 2014 Simon Gray award for his play Albion

Albion is an examination of the rise of the new far right in modern England. It is set during a karaoke night at a pub called The Albion in the East End of London, which also serves as the unofficial headquarters of the English Protection Army (EPA). As people take their turns to sing, the […]

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Rik Mayall: a great actor and a valiant man

Simon Gray on Rik Mayall
From various writings, including the diaries The Year of the Jouncer and Fat Chance, which includes an account of the 1988 production of The Common Pursuit.
Rik sometimes made me think of the Sun-King, because of the glow or aura, golden as in those icons of Louis….
So signed up were… [the actors […]

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St Aubyn joins Gray in the art of literary revenge

David Lodge on Simon Gray in his new book, Lives in Writing

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Mark Lawson writes of Gray’s “fluidity of imagination” in a great piece in the Guardian

Lawson discusses Gray’s obsession with revisions in his article reflecting on the In the Vale of Health plays at the Hampstead at the moment, and his other works. Here’s the article.

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Lovely to hear that Quartermaine’s Terms will be performed by the Homecoming Players in Ithaca, New York later this year

Best of luck with production! Would love to hear any news you have.

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Good luck to the Sinodun Players in their production of Quartermaine’s terms this week!

The show is is being performed at the Wallingford Corn Exchange until 5th April, and tickets are just £10 – call 01491 825 000.

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Very cheeky of Dominic Cavendish to pop in early to see In the Vale of Health at the Hampstead. (Great review though!)

It appears Mr Cavendish broke convention and bought a ticket himself to see the show! Well, we can’t blame him for being keen to see it. Here’s the cheeky review.

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In the Vale of Health will transfer to Hampstead Theatre main stage

Wonderful news that after selling out in the downstairs theatre, the collection of four related plays by Simon Gray – Japes, Japes Too, Michael and Missing Dates – will all be moving to the main stage at the Hampstead Theatre.

The four plays will run from 28th May to 14th June.

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Missing Dates to be published as ebook for world premiere at Hampstead Theatre

To coincide with the world premiere of Simon Gray’s play Missing Dates, as part of the In the Vale of Health season, we’re delighted to announce that we will publish this previously unpublished play as an ebook only.

More details to follow…

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